Dear Glenda,

Working on the front lines of homelessness, we understand exactly what it means to have a home. Having a home is much more than having a house. A home is a place of warmth, and belonging. It provides a sanctuary from the stresses of the day. Furniture and furnishings, the manner in which we decorate, all provide a sense of personal identity-our signature.

Most of our residents come to us with few or no belongings, transitioning out of homelessness and living without life’s necessities. Our goal is to help families begin anew with dignity and hope and the Community Warehouse Project plays a vital role. Beyond this, shopping for furniture connects us on a human level and sometimes gives us a glimpse deep into the lives of our families.

This story illustrates: A young couple, with two small children, were moving from our shelter into their very first apartment. They were carefully walking through the Warehouse, exploring furniture that reflected themselves and their style. Natalie, the mother focused in on what we all considered to be a hideous lamp. It was truly from the 1950’s, an odd color and did not match the other items they had chosen. Her husband, Connor, tried desperately to convince her that they did not want this lamp. We also chimed in thinking it may be a little much with 2 small children running about. With tears in her eyes, Natalie turned to us full of emotion and told us that the lamp reminded her of her grandmother. We were silent. What could we say? The memories and emotions that a simple lamp evoked for her were beyond measure. Thank you for going above and beyond to provide dignity and hope to those most vulnerable in our community-thank you for helping families create a home.


Jennifer Lopez

Executive Director

Good afternoon Glenda,

Thank you for you assistance yesterday at Community Warehouse. The family you helped had moved to West Chester from Puerto Rico after the last hurricane that hit the island. The couple and their two school age children arrived in West Chester to share an apartment temporarily with friends until they could save enough money to move into their own house. They lived with a family of five in a small two bedroom apartment for more than one year until they were able to save up to pay the deposit and first month of rent. Paying this sum of money left them with no cash to furnish the apartment.

That is when they reached out for help and asked for help with beds for their children. And then, we arrived at Community Warehouse! Working through their shyness, they picked out beds for the entire family, a kitchen table, chairs and kitchen tools and small appliances!

When they arrived to the new home with their gifts and they found a nice card from Community Warehouse Project wishing them luck they were moved! The mother tells me she is saving that card with all her gratitude.

Thank you for the beautiful work you do,